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Case Studies

Shed Insulation Case Study 

Southern Cross Sheds

We installed reflective aluminium foil bubble insulation from Green Insulation in our display shed/office on the Sunshine Coast in 2011. Our busy sales office is the perfect example of the high perfomance and effective use of these great Australian made insulation products. As soon as you walk into our showroom/office/sales centre, you will be immediately impacted by the display of Green Insulation's Reflecta-Cell, reflective aluminium foil insulation. You'll feel the difference on a hot summer's day, you'll be glad of the difference on a frosty winter morning. Green Insulation products are the perfect addition to our quality sheds to give ultimate use and versatility.

A shed or a commercial or industrial construction is a big investment. It's important to make the most of that investment - to get your money's worth. Using a premium Australian made reflective insulation will reduce your heating and cooling costs substantially. When you are comfortable, you tend to spend more time, more effectively, whether it be work, play, or somewhere to stay. We strongly promote and recommend the Green Insulation Reflecta-Coat feature. Most shed insulation on the market has steadily decling performance. Most, not all. Reflecta-Coat is actually a polymer coating that means that the Green reflective aluminium foil insulation you choose for your shed will not only last the 15 year guarantee, but will long outlast you, your kids AND your grandkids.

With Green Insulation Australian manufactured reflective aluminium foil insulation you save on energy, you save on replacement, you save for a lifetime. It's the perfect environmental choice for today's energy wise consumer. We recommend to all our customers the best shed insulation, Green Insulation. We are the experts and making the most out of your shed in every way. That's the difference with Southern Cross Sheds.

OH, ONE FINAL POINT! We are situated on a very, very busy and noisy highway. Please come into our display, and experience first hand the amazing accoustic insulation benefits achieved from reflective aluminium foil insulation. That's right! Not only is Green Insulation an excellent energy saving choice, it can save your neighbours a great deal of anguish when you enthusiastically tackle your favourite project late into the evening.

Please come down and see us so that we can show you the best way to achieve your ultimate shed.

Deb and Leon

1251A Nambour Connection Road,
Kulangoor, Sunshine Coast 4560
Ph: 07 5441 5188
Fax: 07 5441 5688



Residential Case Study 


Jordan James, Caloundra - Self-Installed

Jordan’s roof was recently damaged in a storm and needed to be replaced.

“We didn’t have any insulation and thought this was a good opportunity to insulate when our new roof was going on.”

He undertook considerable research to find the best insulation for his home. He and his wife selected Green Insulation’s® “Reflecta Cell™” product.

“It seemed to offer the best combination of: value for money; easy to handle and fibre free so we could install it ourselves; and it had a great 15 year warranty.”

“We’ve already had some warm days and were pleasantly surprised with how cool it was in our home. We’re now looking forward to see how well it will work in winter.”

Stewart & Leisa Jeffries, Brisbane - Installation by The Insulation Superstore

Stewart and Leisa approached the Insulation Superstore for advice and installation of insulation in their ceiling. The Insulation Superstore worked through the products with them to help them select an appropriate insulation for their needs.

“We worked through our options and selected Green Insulation® as it was presented to us as a ‘one-of-a-kind’ reflective bubble foil insulation, rather than just ‘another’ insulation, and the difference in energy efficiency was enormous when we did some research” said Stewart. “The whole experience for us has been faultless and everyone has been great. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”

“Your knowledge, service, helpfulness and friendliness was the reason we never sought any other quotes,”
said Leisa.


Architect Case Study


Steven Claridge - Building Designer, Kureelpa, (Sunshine Coast) QLD

Steven Claridge, a Building Designer and member of the BDAQ (Building Designers Association of QLD) relocated a 1920’s Queenslander from Brisbane to the hill side of the Blackall Range near Mapleton.

The house underwent a renovation/extension to create a sustainable, energy efficient home that fits within it's surrounds of the country hinterland.

He selected and installed Green Insulation® while waiting for roof sheets to be installed. Wild weather held up the installation of his roof for some time, and the insulation performed with unique capability.

“The Green Insulation® stayed in place without steel roofing for 8 weeks. During this time the house was exposed to some high winds & large amounts of rain. It was amazing to see that the insulation did not let go or tear anywhere and it provided waterproofing that had to be seen to be believed!” he said.

Steven has gone on to recommend Green Insulation® for installation in many of the houses which he designs.

“This is just one story of many that reassures me of the high quality product that is installed,” says Steven.


Building and Construction Case Study


Andy Stodulka, Ecovilla - Global Builder

Ecovilla, an Aboriginal housing specialist in the Northern Territory and provider of low cost housing structures to aid projects all over the world, uses Green Insulation® in their residential housing projects. Ecovilla provide a low cost quality design-and-construct housing system that maximises enclosed living and minimises materials used. The houses which are all manufactured in Canberra, are shipped to their locations throughout the world in just one 20” container.

“We use Green Insulation® in all of our installations as it provides us with better insulation than double brick!” said Andy Stodulka, the Managing Director of Design Construct Industries, the parent company of Ecovilla. “The product is not only incredibly efficient, and environmentally friendly, it also meets all our requirements for compact shipping.”

Green Insulation® is just one element of Ecovilla’s easily transported and assembled houses, but it remains an integral one, ensuring their houses are appropriately insulated for maximum energy efficiency and comfort.


Shed and Garage Case Study


Moving Juice - Adelaide

Moving Juice Direct was established in 2004 by Danniel Amadio as a necessity to cope with the excess supply of grapes during the grape growing season.

It is one of Australia’s leading Direct Cellars growing the vines, making the wine and selling direct to its customers in suburbia. The Moving Juice Cellar and Cellar Door warehouse use Green Insulations® premium insulation, Reflecta-guard™ to provide thermal insulation for their warehouse at Payneham, SA. As you can see, Reflecta-Guard™ provides a reflective thermal shield to the roof of their large, open warehouse facility, enhancing the over appearance of the inside of the wine cellar.

“We are very happy at the temperature control that Reflecta-Guard™ offers to our Cellar,” said Daniel. “Green Insulation® has taken the heat out of our warehouse and allows us to maintain a reasonable temperature for our wines all year round.”

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