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Industrial/Commercial Concrete Wall

BONUS Feature - Reflecta-Guard, reflective aluminium foil bubble insulation is ALSO a proven high performance Accoustic Insulation


Thermal Break

Reflecta Products

Bubble Insulation
Bubble Insulation

Foam Insulation

 Product Thickness

5.7mm 12.0mm 6.5mm

Optional Custom Manufacture Length of Roll

Custom Length Available Custom Length Available Custom Length Not-Available

Best Feature

Most economical and easy to install Premium PLUS high Acoustic Performance Value performance
Direction of Heat Flow
In Out In Out In Out

Concrete Tilt-Up Wall

Rτ1.8 Rτ2.0 Rτ1.9 Rτ2.1 Rτ1.9 Rτ2.1

BCA Mimimum R-value guide

Class 2-9 Climate Zones
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Direction of Heat Flow Inwards Outwards
Walls Rτ3.3 Rτ3.3 Rτ3.3 Rτ2.8 Rτ2.8 Rτ2.8 Rτ2.8 Rτ3.8
For full details on Section J compliance refer to BCA 2010

→ Download Metal Wall CAD Drawing

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Reflecta-CellReflecta-Cell® Reflective Foil Insulation

The builders favourite choice, a true All-Rounder that offers performance combined with being light and easy to use. Only 5.7mm thick, Reflecta-Cell is popular with all types of Commercial, Industrial and Residential construction for use in roofs, floors and walls.

↓ For the everything you need in one go... click on the Download Pack below.
Reflecta Cell Download Pack


Reflecta-GuardReflecta-Guard™ Reflective Foil Insulation

Three great products in ONE. Our Premium Product, offers . . . 1. Our highest “R” values, 2. a thermal break and 3.acoustic performance beyond many specialised acoustic insulations. 12.0mm thick, Reflecta-Guard is a favourite for luxury homes, and workplaces needing superior comfort and protection from noise (E.G. Rain, road or aircraft).


 ↓ For the everything you need in one go... click on the Download Pack below.

Reflecta Guard Download Pack


Reflecta-BreakReflecta-Break™ Reflective Foam Core Insulation

A very popular Thermal Break for steel frame and metal on metal construction. Very economical, and Only 6.5mm thick, Reflecta-Break is light and easy to handle, as well as being highly effective in stopping heat transfer.

↓ For the everything you need in one go... click on the Download Pack below.

Reflecta Break Download Pack

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Green Insulation have stockists that cover their full range of reflective aluminium products in every corner of Australia. You can specify our residential insualtion products with confidence knowing that supply is fast and very cost-efficient right across Australia. We have worked hard to bring home and building insulation prices to affordable levels. Why not experience the Australian insulation choice?Reflecta-Guard

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