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R e f l e c t a - S h e d™ - Aluminium Foil Insulation

Reflecta-ShedTM from Green InsulationTM is a premium quality, Australian manufactured, reflective aluminium foil "bubble" insulation. Without any compromise to performance, Reflecta-ShedTM has been purposely designed for sheds and other non-compliant BCA uses. The reason it is not compliant to BCA requirements is that we have omitted the fire retardandant from the centre core of polymer bubbles only. (There is still fire retardant in the outer layer though). This actually improves insulation performance, allowing us to offer a thinner, lighter, more flexible and easier to install reflective foil insulation that will last a lifetime and more.


We strongly recommend this product for sheds not requiring BCA compliance.

For Sheds requiring BCA compliant insulation please go to our Industrial/Commercial Easy-Spek page. Please click here.



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Reflecta-ShedTM reflective aluminium foil "bubble" insulation is a result of our efforts to create the ultimate performance and value insulation possible for the competitive shed insulation marketplace. Using clever innovations in our manufacturing, we use the production of Reflecta-ShedTM to "purge" and clean the polymer bubble manufacturing process which clogs with the fire retardant additives. Rather than create huge amounts of waste running clean polymer materials through the bubble forming process, we now use these polymers as the centre bubble core for Reflecta-ShedTM. This creates a HUGE saving! Savings which we pass on to you to encourage use, and to keep our Australian manufacturing process running cleanly, and efficiently.

Check out these unbeatable features!

  • Fire retardandant durable outer polymer coating, Reflecta-GuardTM, that guarantees against oxidisation and corrosion for 15 years, and lasts for a lifetime and more;  
  • Heat laminated, air bubble core providing an exceptional barrier against conductive heat, humidity, water and vapour penetration;
  • Two outer layers of 99%+ pure aluminium foil;
  • Reflects up to a huge 97% of radient heat;
  • 1500mm wide means it is 10-20% wider than competitors' products. Less overlaps = less waste;
  • 45m2 roll (1500mm x 30m). Extra length = Less cut-offs = Less waste = Less handling = Less transport cost;
  • Anti-slip, and anti-glare! Safe, simple and easy installation;
  • Tough scrim to ensure no rips or tears during installation, and to maintain shape, integrity, and performance ;
  • Guarantee comes direct from the Australian manufacturer - 15 years;
  • Our lowest cost insulation, without performance compromise;
  • An excellent eco choice as it creates efficiency in the foil manufacturing process;
  • Australian manufactured quality 2nd to none! Quality you know that you can trust and rely upon.

Before you build your shed, consider this . . .


"A shed with multiple personalities????"

Sometimes a shed needs to be more than a shed. A playroom for the kids? A hobby room or workshop? Or even just a great place for friends to gather? Before you start to build, think about your future plans, and maybe what you haven’t planned. It makes sense to keep your shed use options open.

A high quality Australian manufactured reflective aluminium foil bubble insulation product such as Reflecta-Shed™ will keep your options open for the life of the shed. Our unique patented coating on Reflecta-Shed™ guarantees against oxidisation and corrosion, maintaining comfort and performance long after the kids have moved out, and the grand-children have moved in.

Don’t make the mistake of not thinking ahead about what your shed may be used for in the future.
Install premium Australian manufactured Green InsulationTM Reflecta-ShedTM and you have all bets covered!


If you are not sure if you need a BCA compliant insulation, your shed supplier in your local area will be able to advise you quickly and easily. However, if you have any problems or need assistance of any type, Green InsulationTM provide a FREE Engineer service to assist you to achieve optimum choice, value and performance.

Please use our Free Engineer service to assist in all insulation technical and specification issues:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or you can speak to one of our very knowlegable sales staff at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Prefer to speak with someone?   s e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it        Please phone (07) 3200 6522 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.

We are pleased to provide you with:

  • Product samples;
  • Marketing materials
  • A choice of stockists/suppliers near you;
  • Advice, straight to the point;
  • Account enquires and more.

If you need a very high quality, yet low cost alternative to insulate your shed, You belong here!


Need to find your nearest stockist? Please call (07) 3200 6522


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