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Green. Not just a name . . . it’s our passion!

Passion! Can a company truly be passionate about the environment? You decide . . .



The decision to invest in Australian reflective aluminium bubble foil insulation manufacturing at a time of economic uncertainty, a strong Australian dollar, and strong competition from imports might seem risky to some. Not at all. When the competition gets tough, get smarter. Having “hands on” our insulation manufacturing process is allowing us to research, develop and innovate like never before, putting theory into practice. Testing, more testing, refinement, lateral thinking, and sometimes, even a little bit of luck can land you with an absolute breakthrough in value to your products. Breakthroughs that create tangible eco/environmental benefits.


Green Insulation® has not only invested in new “green/eco” bubble foil manufacturing, we have a record of achievement to be proud of, and we apply “green/eco” principals to every facet of our company. Here are just some of our initiatives:

  • Our unique patented polymer coating on the outside reflective aluminium foil guarantees to protect our products against oxidisation and corrosion. Oxygen and moisture substantially erode the reflective performance of the reflective aluminium foil insulation outer layers. Our insulation products don’t suffer diminishing performance from deteriorating, and we carry a 100% guarantee for 15 years. How much energy does that save over generations? We have patented this coating on our Australian insulation products and it is called Reflecta-CoatTM
  • Both Australian manufactured Reflecta-Cell and Reflecta Guard reflective bubble foil insulation come with a real tough double scrim (top and bottom) to ensure their integrity right through construction. Combine this with the longevity provided by our patented coating, and you have a product that is also compliant with being a fall arrest. (See tech). That’s a real saving in labour and resources;
  • Reflective bubble foil insulation uses less power to manufacture than most other forms of insulation. We’ve invested in the leanest energy use new manufacturing technology available. We’ll have some very interesting audited performance to show you in the near future;
  • Traditionally, 20% of our product has been made from recycled materials. We’re currently trialling new recycled inclusions with the aim of substantially “greening” this figure;
  • Wider rolls (1500mm) and having the ability to custom manufacture roll lengths to the customers’ needs saves labour and waste. If you’re wasting resources by not doing this we ask you to please “think green”;
  • High acoustic qualities, particularly within Reflecta-Guard, are built in at no additional cost. One insulation, 2 or more uses, that’s “green”;
  • No harmful, irritating fibres. Not just for the workers who have to install it, what about the generations who have to live with it?

Believe it or not, the best is still to come. We’re being very, very quiet about it right now. Read about it first in our Green InsulationTM newsletter.


We’d like to invite "green/eco" companies of all types that are passionate about the environment to link with our website and newsletters. If you’re within the construction industry, we’d be happy to put you in our customer gallery as well. If you’re proud of your environmental record, shout it out, and we’d be glad to help you.


Being GREEN really is our PASSION!

Green Insulation™ is proud to be Australian owned, Australian manufacturing for Australian conditions.


GreenTag Under Certification (soon to be completed)

Green Insulation® is currently being Assessed for their GreenTags. If you would like to follow our progress please go to

Ecospecifier Australasia, a knowledge base of over 6000 eco-products, eco-materials, technologies and resources, the leading global source of sustainable development & life-cycle assessed green product information. Linking independent information with a powerful search interface, ecospecifier does your materials research for you, delivering innovative sustainable product solutions with unique difference. Categorising products according to rating scheme compliance such as Green Star,ecospecifier helps you reduce the time and costs of implementing Best Practice Green Buildings & Developments.

We truely are commited to our GREEN way of business.


Green Insulation offer a range of support services for their foil insulation products. Should you need support, please contact us. PH. 1300 308 165

Green Insulation operate 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday E.S.T. excluding public holidays. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

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