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Refective Foil Insulation bucks the trends

Demand for Australian manufactured reflective aluminium foil insulation continues to grow despite cheap imports still being dumped.

The fortunes of Australian insulation manufacturers have been at the mercy of the economy, the Australian dollar, the building industry and the current Labor Government's unremarkable handling of fallout from the Home Insulation Rebate Scheme. Many have fallen victim to this barrage. However, Green Insulation® has bucked the trends and has actually achieved growth in sales.

Green Insulation® manufactures a range of reflective foil insulation that sandwiches a layer of polyethylene air cells between 2 layers of 99% pure aluminimum foil. Manufacturing of the highest standard takes place at their Meadowbrook Queensland plant. Whilst the "dumped" imported insulation deteriorates around the country, builders, trade and the DIY insulation users find faith in the newly manufactured local insulation products.

Perhaps one of the greatest drawcards to Green Insulation® products is their versatility. Reflective foil air bubbles insulation manufactured at Meadowbrook has been tested for acoustic performance, as well as tested to be compliant with being a fall arrest (Reflecta-Cell® and Reflecta-Guard™ only).

Another great attribute that drives business our way is our capacity to create custom length rolls for major projects. When working on major jobs, ordering the reflective foil air bubble insulation to the exact length you require can substantially eliminate waste and reduce labour demands.

Please support Australian manufacturing and get behind Green Insulations® products wherever possible. For all the latest technical information you should simply visit the Green website. Green insulation® also offer FREE engineer services for assistance with R value calculations, or simply to get the most of these great aluminium foil products.



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