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CRIS cropped on black Ph 1300 308 165 for your nearest stockist or engineer/support.

CRIS Commercial Metal Roof 4black


Green Insulation has just launched a patented new system which will revolutionise the way insulation is installed in Australia and provide unprecedented R-values of up to R7.1 in commercial buildings.

This patented system, named CRIS™, (Commercial or Residential Insulation System) is a new unique concept of using aluminium bubble foil insulation (made from reinforced foil laminate) to the best of its ability. The surface has been treated with Green Insulation’s unique, patented Reflecta-Coat™, which is an anti-glare protective coating and this prevents oxidisation and corrosion, keeping the foil reflective and well outlasting the manufacturer’s 15 year guarantee. The air space this system provides and installation concept is the key to the formula that catapults the R-value from an industry standard of R3.2 up to an exceptional R7.1 in some cases.

The new system and installation is fully certified and tested and adheres to the Australian Building Code. Our  testing, carried out by independent Consulting Engineer, James Fricker Pty Ltd, found that this system, when installed correctly, can save up to patented transparent40% in heating and cooling costs which is another huge benefit to any commercial building, as well as being kind to the environment and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”  James Fricker is an expert consulting engineer on building heating and cooling energy and insulation.

Other benefits in using CRIS™ include:-

  • Cost of installation is less than traditional fibre blanket
  • Highest R-value’s in the marketCRIS Residental Tile RoofBLACK
  • 40% saving on air-conditioning over blanket
  • Clean and green with no itchy fibre components
  • Less waste so you get more bang for your buck (1500mm wide rolls   compared to 1350mm)
  • Installation can continue on cloudy, wet days
  • Our range has incredible strength (holds up to two tonnes per m² when attached properly)


CRIS™ is now officially on the market so contact us now for a tailored quote. An installation guide and manufacturer’s guarantee are included with every sale and we have a full engineering department on hand for technical support.


Demonstration of CRISTM in use with Reflecta-WhiteTM. A tremendous energy saving combination.























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