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Our Premium Product... 1|Highest “R” values, 2|Thermal break 3|Acoustic performance...

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Reflecta White ™



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Reflecta-White™ is a unique reflective aluminium foil "bubble" insulation created with architects and the commercial and industrial building industry in mind. It is a reflective foil insulation carrying all the benefits of the Reflecta-Range™ but with an ice white finish on the bottom layer - perfect for exposed indoor and outdoor use, as well as those dwellings requiring good lighting such as laboratories and warehouses.

  • Ice white finish
  • Creates a dust free environment
  • Perfect for exposed indoor use such as warehouse retail stores, swimming pools and sports complexes
  • Can be used in conjunction with CRIS™ to acheive higher insulation R-values up to R7.1
Poduct Data
Code RW2156
Silver side Emittance 0.03
Antiglare side Emittance 0.10
Roll Size 30m2 (1500mm x 20m)
Product Thickness 5.7mm - 6mm
Roll Weight 10.6kg


Total R-values(m2K/W)
Metal Roof Summer Winter
22° Unventilated 2.3 1.2
Tile Roof    
22° Unventilated 2.0 1.1

Reflecta-White™ is a unique insulation product, designed with the retail and warehouse construction segments in mind. This reflective aluminium foil insulation is a fibre free, air bubble insulation, protected by a special patented polymer coating called Reflecta-Coat™. The underside is manufactured to have an ice white finish making it perfect for use in exposed spaces such as retail stores, supermarkets and warehousing requiring good lighting. Energy savings are significant.

By combining Reflecta-WhiteTM reflective aluminium foil insulation with the innovative new CRIS™ system, which involves a dual layering approach, R-values of up to R7.1 can be achieved.


  • We can tailor our Reflecta-Range™ and CRIS™ system to your project specifications
  • Australian designed for Australian conditions
  • 40% saving on heating and energy costs *
  • Expert technical and specification support from our engineering department
  • Saving you up to $10per m²
  • Providing the highest R-values on the market – up to R7.1

* An independent report by Chartered Professional Engineer, James Fricker, found that a heating and energy saving of 40% can be made when using Green Insulation’s CRIS™ installation system compared to an R3.2 bulk blanket system in commercial buildings

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