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Certificates of Fire Safety, Fall Arrest and Acoustic below for easy download.

Reflecta-Cell® and Reflecta-Guard™ Reflective Foil Insulation and Reflecta-Break™ Refective Foam Core Insulation.:

Reflecta-Cell™ Fire 1530.2-1993

Reflecta-Cell™ Acoustic Properties

Reflecta-Cell™ MSDS

Reflecta-Guard™ Fire 1530.2-1993

Reflecta-Guard™ Acoustic Properties

Reflecta-Guard™ MSDS

Reflecta-Shed is manufactured using the same high quality raw materials that go into all Green Insulation products, and our patented-protected Reflecta-Coat foil is so durable its covered by our 15 year guarantee. Reflecta-Shed is suitable only for use in Class 10a&b structures, as per the Building Code of Australia, and as such does not need to comply with AS/NZ1530.2 or .3. Rest assured however, that Reflecta-Shed will keep a shed warmer in winter, and cooler in summer for many years to come.

Form 15 -Compliance Certificates

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